June 13, 2018

EAGE 2018 Eötvös Award made to Ikon Science Research Advisor

Dr Ehsan Naeini, Senior Research Advisor at Ikon Science, was awarded the EAGE 2018 Eötvös Award for his Well Tie for Broadband Seismic Data work completed with Dr James Gunning, Research Associate at CSIRO and Dr Roy E. White, Emeritus Professor of the University of London.  This collaboration introduces new theory and techniques for tying wells to broadband seismic data which ultimately leads to better reservoir characterisation, effectively getting the most value out of new seismic capabilities.

The Loránd Eötvös Award is presented to the author(s) of the best paper published in Geophysical Prospecting in the calendar year preceding the award. The paper is recognised for high scientific standard and should represent a significant contribution or an outstanding tutorial in one or more of the disciplines in our Association.

Roy E. White explains “Broadband seismic data offers the possibility of obtaining more detailed and reliable inversions to quantitative rock properties. The new information comes from extending the seismic spectrum to higher frequencies; extending the spectrum to lower frequencies allows the construction of a less detailed and more reliable background model. To implement these improvements, the seismic well tie needs to be designed to cope with the demands of broadband seismic. This paper demonstrates three approaches to estimating a broadband seismic wavelet and illustrates the use of cross-validation to q.c. the results.”

Martyn Millwood Hargrave Executive Chairman at Ikon Science with responsibility for new technology said “ This work by Ehsan Naeini enables geoscientists to gain the maximum possible advantage from modern seismic data – extending field life, reducing drilling risk and  increasing value, as such it is core to the new efficient interpretation methods that Ikon Science is bringing to the global conventional and unconventional markets”.

Ehsan commented  “This work is an example of an ideal research project in which the innovative ideas were implemented in our commercial software and became the industry reference. The tale was completed with receiving this prestigious award – cannot be any better.”

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