October 11, 2023

IKON SCIENCE DONATES ROKDOC LICENSES TO KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY Access to Industry-Leading Geophysics Platform Trains Next Generation Energy Workforce

HOUSTON, TEXAS (October 11, 2023) – Ikon Science, a leading global provider of geoprediction and open subsurface knowledge management software and services, announced today its donation of RokDoc software to Kansas State University. The software, which has an industry value of $4.6 million annually, supports applied geophysics teaching and research in the university’s geology department in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Kansas State University uses RokDoc as part of its curriculum to train geoscience students to properly understand rock physics, reservoir characterization, seismic inversion, geopressure and geomechanics to inform subsurface evaluations. With Ikon Science’s donation, students can model, predict and integrate multidisciplinary workflows for quantitative interpretation, pore pressure and geomechanics. “The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 5 percent growth in geoscience jobs between 2019 and 2029, which is higher than average for all occupations,” said Abdelmoneam Raef, associate professor of exploration and development seismology in Kansas State University’s geology department. “The RokDoc suite is a valuable resource for training our students in programs that focus on water and energy resources, which are high priorities at K-State.”

“RokDoc helps mitigate geological uncertainty, which is crucial for not only predicting the location and potential of oil and gas deposits but also for evaluating the feasibility of offshore wind and carbon capture projects,” stated Gabriela D’Aubeterre, Vice President – Customer Success of Ikon Science. “Students trained in RokDoc are better prepared to make contributions to companies in the energy industry. We are pleased to support the next generation of geoscientists.” For more information, visit www.ikonscience.com or email info@ikonscience.com.

About Ikon Science

Ikon Science is a global provider of knowledge management solutions designed to optimize subsurface discovery. For over 21 years, Ikon Science has applied deep scientific expertise and technology innovation to help customers extract more actionable knowledge from sophisticated subsurface data. By bringing digital transformation to knowledge management, Ikon helps customers make the best moves – improving accuracy, accelerating results, and lowering costs. For more information, visit www.ikonscience.com.



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