Deep Water

Ikon Science and deep water exploration

The rewards of deep water reservoirs are huge, so are the risks. Ikon Science integrates geopressure, geomechanics and Quantitative Interpretation to help you know where to drill and where to avoid. Ikon Science has worldwide deep water experience. Our teams have completed projects in the Gulf of Mexico, Falkland Islands and The Black Sea as well as deep water areas off Newfoundland/Labrador, NW Shelf Australia, West of Shetlands and East Africa. Ikon Science also undertook the world’s largest pressure study, located in the Niger Delta, the use of a high capture of well data has built predictive relationships for planning of safe deep water wells.

Pre-drill consultancy

Decisions on drilling practice, casing and fluid properties are important in any development scenario, but never so much as in deep water. As global rock physics experts, Ikon Science is uniquely positioned to help predict pressure. Our methods consider factors such as burial, stress and temperature histories along with rock type, distribution and subsurface structure. Geological context combined with available and relevant data reduces the likelihood of influxes, hole collapses, differential sticking and mud loss. With the help of Ikon Science, operators can make informed pre-well decisions, reducing unscheduled downtime and improving safety.

Real-time pressure prediction and monitoring

Right here, right now, you can make a quick decision regarding your well from the comfort of your office, home or anywhere with internet access. Ikon’s real-time pressure prediction/monitoring service delivers updated pore pressure and fracture pressure while drilling using secure internet connections. Real-time pressure monitoring is primarily a safety enhancement of immense value, but, with deep water drilling rig day-rates in the million dollar range, lowering the Non Productive Time (NPT) typically associated with unexpected over-pressure events makes this service very cost-effective as well.

High pressure high temperature (HP/HT)

When temperatures rise above 120°C, "traditional" pore pressure prediction fails to deliver accurately due to mineral transformations, chemical compaction and other high temperature processes. Ikon Science's unique methodology based upon years of experience in high pressure and high temperature environments can deliver accurate pressure predictions leading to safe well planning in challenging environments.