Which phenomena do we expect to affect the reservoir integrity during the natural aquifer recharge post-CO2 injection? Can we control them? The energy industry is transforming as we move to a lower carbon world; CCS and EOR-CCS are becoming essential practices for the oil and gas industry, a vital sector for the UK economy. Addressing these questions is crucial for a safe CCS operation at the scales needed to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions for the UK, and at the same time improving recovery rates from hydrocarbon reservoirs (e.g., UK North Sea fields).


Geomechanical Assessment of CO2 Storage Reservoir Integrity Post-closure (GASRIP) is a project primarily designed to study how CO2-brine induced-salt precipitation/dissolution affects geomechanical integrity and transport properties of CO2 storage reservoirs. 


Ikon Science, Shell, BP and IEAGHG along with National Oceanography Centre are partners in this project. The principal Investigator Ismael Falcon-Suarez, National Oceanography Centre, has set up the lab and is busy working on this exciting project. We look forward to the outcomes of this collaboration.

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