Introduction to Image Log Data and Interpretation Techniques - 3 Day Course

Available as a public course
Available as a private in-house course

Designed to give an understanding of the interpretation process, and the nature of the results in the context of the drilling environment and data quality. Where possible, examples and practical exercises utilise real world data and results. This course is for anyone involved in petroleum related exploration or well planning without detailed geomechanical experience.

Course aims

  • Appreciation of data quality as received from the rig
  • Understanding of tool types and data components
  • Awareness of interpretation quality control processes and classification schemes
  • Understanding of the interpretation process and result presentation
  • Knowledge of applications for interpreted image log data

Full Course Outline

Image Log Data, Acquisition & Data Processing
  • Image log tool types, advantages and disadvantages
  • Image acquisition
  • Quality control
  • Image processing and required log curves
  • Artefacts and image log quality

Image Log Interpretation

  • Borehole geometry and surface relationships
  • Interpretation classification systems
  • Setting up an interpretation environment
  • Image interpretation
    • Sedimentological
    • Structural
    • Geomechanical
    • Coals
  • Fracture density
  • Vector walkout plots
    • Rose Plots
    • Stereonets
    • Enclosure generation
    • Visualising results

Applications of Image Log Data

  • Structural zones and tectonic tilt
  • Discriminating natural and drilling induced fractures
  • Coal seam gas
  • Image facies
  • Image-Core integration
  • Porosity estimation

Applied Studies

  • Sedimentary features in wells
  • Fracture Susceptibility
  • Fairview Wellbore Stability

Practical Exercises

  • Artefact identification and image quality
  • Surface picking and plotting (Interpretation performed on pa- per section and results plotted on stereonet and as a vector walkout)
  • Directional Statistics

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