Seismic Reflections of Rock Properties - 2 Day Course - Training Course by Ikon Science

Seismic Reflections of Rock Properties - 2 Day Course

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This course is dedicated to rock-physics-based workflows leading to (a) the generation of site-specific transforms between the properties (porosity, mineralogy, solid-frame geometry) and conditions (pressure and pore fluid) of rock and its elastic properties and (b) using the models thus established to create geologically plausible catalogues of the seismic amplitude as a function of rock properties and conditions.

The role of such catalogues is to serve as a field guide to identifying and characterising a reservoir behind the seismic reflection. The lectures are accompanied by demos. The course includes 5 basic parts.

Ikon Science Training by Jack Dvorkin.

Full Course Outline

Part 1
Principles of rock-physics-based reservoir characterisation. Role of data from controlled experiments. Inherent non-uniqueness of amplitude interpretation. Interdependence between various rock properties. Examples of simple rock physics workflows.

Part 2
Definitions of rock properties. Basics of seismic reflections. Elasticity. Rock property dependence on stress. Elastic bounds. Static and dynamic moduli. Permeability and electrical conductivity.

Part 3
Elastic signatures of pore fluid. Effects of saturation. Fluid substitution and approximate fluid substitution. Vs predictors. Patchy saturation. Effects of frequency and scale.
Part 4
Velocity-porosity-lithology. Classical rock physics transforms. Theoretical inclusion models. Theoretical models for granular rock. Critical porosity. Modified elastic bounds. Cement among grains. Soft-sand, stiff-sand, and constant-cement models. Universality of diagenetic trends.

Part 5
Rock physics diagnostics and synthetic seismic catalogues. Common fluid denominator. Model fitting. Lithology substitution. “What-if” scenarios.

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