Essentials of Rock Physics for Seismic Amplitude Interpretation - 1.5 Day Short Course

Available as a private in-house course

This course is a condensed version of the 3 Day ‘The Essentials of Rock Physics for Seismic Amplitude Interpretation’ designed by Dr Rob Simm of Rock Physics Associates.

It aims to illustrate how an understanding of rock physics is fundamental to the interpretation of seismic data, as well as constraining the perception of risk in drilling. Please note that this course cannot be offered as a standalone course, but only as part of a bespoke in-house training.

Who should attend?
The course is designed for all geoscientists who wish to understand the principles of interpreting seismic data using rock physics models and gain awareness of how this may impact the perception of risk in exploration and production drilling. Attendees will receive a fully documented manual with text discussion, including all illustrations shown in the course. The practical exercises use our RokDoc software, but no previous experience of the package is required.

Full Course Outline

The potential of seismic amplitude interpretation, for hydrocarbon detection. Seismic amplitude and risk.

Seismic basics, approach to seismic modelling, elastic parameters, modelling reflectivity, relating seismic data to models.

Rock Properties and AVO
AVO response description, rock property controls on AVO.

Rock Physics, AVO and Seismic Interpretation
Seismic interpretation and AVO, trend curves and the stratigraphic context of AVO, practical examples.
Characteristics of Seismic Wavelets
Seismic bandwidth, zero phase and minimum phase, wavelet shape, zero phasing, enhancing frequency content.

Temporal resolution, net pay estimation and tuned responses, resolution – Sections vs. Maps.

  1. AVO scenarios
  2. Net pay prediction

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