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Optimize Operations when Decommissioning

Control Costs, Increase Safety, Protect the Environment

Oil and gas organizations face mounting pressure to effectively and safely decommission wells and infrastructure.

With increased environmental concerns and government regulations, companies seek innovative ways to drive down costs while being compliant and safe while plugging and abandoning a well. Ikon provides solutions to our global customer base to optimize decommissioning operations through improved knowledge management.

Solutions for Today’s Challenges

Understand Pressure and Flow
Meet Challenges Understand Pressure and Flow

Understand Pressure and Flow

A critical element in designing a well abandonment program is assessing whether managing the virgin pressures is required. Throughout a field’s life cycle, the state of a reservoir will change. Pore pressures may become depleted or recharged – which could cause fault reactivation and the overburden may compact, and thermal changes also occur. Ikon provides well engineers a deeper understanding of critical ambient pore pressures, recharge pressures and the occurrence timescales, at both a regional and local scale.

Abandonment of wells also requires understanding the isolation of rock formations that have flow potential. Flow potential originates primarily from permeable formations and a pressure differential to other formations or the surface. A rock with low or no permeability, like shales and chalk, may also exhibit flow potential to consider. Ikon service teams will help you assess the flow potential of individual formations penetrated which creates valuable data to improve the design of well barriers.

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Meet Regulatory Requirements
Meet Challenges Meet Regulatory Requirements

Meet Regulatory Requirements

To effectively quantify and communicate the geological risk of a decommissioning project, teams must match regulatory requirements to the specific technical needs of a well. Ikon’s services teams help customers gather critical information for compliance and reporting in a timely, cost effective process. We prepare single regional datasets for each well with data on pressure, rock properties, temperatures, overpressure maps, fault and top seal integrity and more. Each field is different, so Ikon teams apply detailed petrophysics and standardized workflows to easily identify the isolation between distinct zones.

There are a range of challenges in this process such as detecting gas in the overburden formations, reviewing legacy development drilling and previous abandonments. By leveraging all available knowledge, Ikon helps customers apply deeper understanding and best practices within the regulatory framework to save time and money in a safe manner.

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Expertise and Due Diligence
Meet Challenges Expertise and Due Diligence

Expertise and Due Diligence

To supplement your team resources and provide confidence to operators in well P&A designs, Ikon Science will provide expertise for independent reviews and due diligence on proposed plans. Evaluating from a G&G perspective, Ikon Science will establish plug placement suitability, identify issues and provide ways to improve efficiencies in the P&A design.

Ikon’s services team provides research to support due diligence and review needs. Our research includes:

  • Reservoir overpressure maps
  • End of well reports
  • Composite logs
  • Drilling histories
  • Algorithms for formation strength
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Meeting the Decommissioning Challenge

At the same time as the oil and gas industry is expanding into new basins and new unconventional plays, mature basins around the world are offering fresh challenges at the end of field life.


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