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Improve Subsurface Decisions

Accelerate and Simplify Geoprediction - from Exploration to Production

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RokDoc is a comprehensive portfolio of rock physics, geopressure and geomechanics solutions for accelerating and improving subsurface predictions over asset lifetime.

With solutions for all play types, RokDoc features a rich selection of models and best-in-class algorithms to provide advanced quantitative interpretation to drive positive production outcomes.

Transform GeoPrediction Accuracy

RokDoc places powerful, sophisticated tools at your fingertips – all on a single, easy-to-use platform. It integrates geological, geophysical and engineering data to enable interdisciplinary analysis, using workflows and automated QC procedures. RokDoc gives you more confidence in the data and subsurface decisions.

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Gain Maximum Understanding

Combining over 20 years of research and collaboration with major oil companies, industry experts and academia, RokDoc helps your team explore, capture and communicate geological, geophysical and data uncertainty. It extracts maximum value from multiple data types and helps you easily evaluate various scenarios to better understand every aspect of Quantitative Interpretation (QI), geopressure and drilling.

Apply Flexible Solutions for Every Play

Ikon Science has done the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. Our flexible tools help you gain deeper subsurface understanding for exploration, production and decommissioning. Talk to an Ikon expert and together, we will ensure you have the right tools at your command to drive better, faster decisions.

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RokDoc Solutions

Rock Physics

Rock Physics

Ikon Science’s Rock Physics module lets both generalists and experts quickly and easily explore hundreds of geological scenarios to investigate the seismic response in both conventional and unconventional plays. Intuitive and powerful, the module features sophisticated rock physics, 2D modelling and well to seismic tie solutions. It seamlessly combines core, log and seismic data into predictive models to ensure your team makes better and faster investment decisions with more confidence.

Additional Rock Physics Enhancements


Build 1D and 2D synthetic seismic models to explore the impact of anisotropy on the seismic response. Includes: Thomsen parameter estimation, VTI/HTI and orthorhombic model building, anisotropy database, plane wave analysis and blocky modelling.


Multi-scenario, multi-2D synthetic seismic modelling package for rapid generation of hundreds of geologically plausible models. Includes: multi-2D modelling and attribute sections, lithology and fluid substitution workflows, ray synthetics including Q and spherical divergence corrections.

Advanced Well-Tie

Wavelet analysis and estimation functionality for improved handling of low frequencies in broadband, nodal and onshore seismic datasets. Includes: Roy White multi-taper method, Parametric constant phase and Bayesian multi-well multi-stack estimation with broadband priors.


Specialist analysis tools for offset, walkaway, walk-around and multi-component VSP datasets. Includes: common processing routines through to corridor stack, shear splitting / hodogram analysis and rose diagrams for fracture characterization.

Reservoir Characterization

Reservoir Characterization

Determine the spatial and temporal rock and fluid distributions from exploration to production by combining 3D and 4D seismic data with powerful rock physics-enabled seismic reservoir characterization. Your team can easily define interactive, shared earth models that allow the integration of geophysical, geological and engineering data using powerful rock physics. Reservoir Characterization operates in both time and depth, producing rich descriptions of the subsurface to accurately determine risks.

Additional Enhancements

SDC Inversion

Fast and interactive tools for the conditioning and inversion of seismic data for elastic properties. Includes: pre-stack trace conditioning (spectral balancing, time alignment, scaling), colored inversion, post/pre-stack simultaneous inversion, multi-realization analysis and ranking.

Advanced SDC

Sophisticated 3D-based de-noising and conditioning workflows for 3D and 4D seismic data. Includes: seismic dip estimation, structure-oriented filtering, multi-trace 3D/4D post/pre-stack time shift estimation, frequency slice filtering and dip steered AVO gradient stabilization.

Ji-Fi (Joint Impedance and Facies Inversion)

Effectively estimates facies and elastic properties directly from post/pre-stack seismic data. Includes: fast/flexible prior model construction, spatially varying wavelets, local/global modes, lateral constraints, rigorous well and 3D QC as well as MPI for cluster computing.

Reservoir Monitoring

Integrates static and dynamic models with lab, core, well and seismic data to generate and update 4D petro-elastic models. Includes: connectivity to Petrel*, combine multiple CPGs across a model, seamless 4D data handling, sophisticated geostatistics and rock physics modelling.


RokDoc wrapper for the CSIRO Delivery petro-elastic stochastic inversion engine. Includes: delivery inverter, invert near-far offset stacks to petrophysical properties N:G, PHIE, Thickness, Delivery analyzer for interrogation of output realizations and computation of statistics.

Pressure Prediction

Pressure Prediction

Establish the distribution of pore pressure and stress in the subsurface, understand pressure distribution and the geological basis for the development of overpressure with Ikon’s Pressure Prediction module. It effectively analyzes direct and indirect (mudweights) pressure measurements, and allows you build and calibrate pore pressure models Your team can easily assess drilling data, image logs and lab data, as well as link dynamic and static measurements to determine stress regimes and interpret historical drilling and production performance. It combines geopressure and geomechanical models with 3D elastic properties to understand risk and estimate and forecast drilling and production performance at undrilled leads and prospects across the drilling portfolio.

Additional Enhancements

Geomechanics and Image Logs

Interpretation of image logs for borehole breakouts, sedimentology and fractures. Interactive geomechanical model building, analysis and scenario modelling. Includes: surface picking and image log conditioning, static-dynamic property calibration, wellbore stability, stereonets and more.

Seismic Pressure Calculator

Develop 3D models for prediction of subsurface pore pressures away from well control. Includes: 3D model building, zone-based overburden and normal compaction trends, seismic velocity calibration, stochastic pore pressure prediction, multi-realization analysis and well planning.


RokDoc Rock Physics Module

The RokDoc Rock Physics module gives you access to best-in-class tools and workflows, all within an easy to use, multidisciplinary, connected environment. Interested? Take a look at the video to find out more.


Additional Modules

RT (Real Time)
RT (Real Time)

RokDoc RT is software for real-time well monitoring and risk management. The solution applies both industry standard and proprietary technologies in a small footprint easy to use application to predict and analyze pore pressure before, during and after drilling. RT reduces this uncertainty as the well is drilled thus reducing the risk and the cost of the drilling operation.

3D Visualization Drives Better Decisions
3D Visualization Drives Better Decisions

Your team will gain a better understanding of complex reservoirs with RokDoc CoViz. It provides 3D visualizations of rock physics and pressures as an integral part of the workflow.

Customizable Functions
Customizable Functions

The RokDoc External Interface enables you to run your own proprietary algorithms, in the form of plug-ins, within the RokDoc environment. Your team can write custom functions to perform calculations on data within the RokDoc project. Plug-ins are written as functions exposed from within external, shared libraries.

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