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Be More Efficient In Conventional Exploration

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Ikon Science partners with the world’s top oil and gas companies to assist with the complex challenges of conventional exploration, drilling and production.

We apply deep science and technology expertise to deliver solutions featuring integrated multi-discipline workflows and modelling capabilities. By extracting more information from the data, companies can accelerate the strategic decision-making process.

Solutions for Today’s Challenges

Mature Basins
Meet Challenges Mature Basins

Rock physics cross plots from 35 wells in Tertiary and Jurassic intervals in the Central North Sea. A detailed understanding of the burial diagenesis (temperature, pressure, stress) was tied to the rock physics to develop a predictive, stratigraphy and geography based AVO interpretation framework to give operators deeper geological understanding to unlock additional value in this mature oil and gas province.

Mature Basins – Unlock More Potential

Exploring in a mature basin requires a fine-scale approach to unlock additional hydrocarbon potential. Traps can be subtle, and largely stratigraphic. Facies and rock property variations may also be subtle or previously unseen, and often seismic and well data are old and of variable quality. Ikon Science provides innovative approaches for analyzing all available data in a consistent, systematic way. With Ikon’s streamlined workflows and expert guidance, E&P companies are better equipped to uncover new opportunities within mature basins.

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Frontier and Under-Explored Basins
Meet Challenges Frontier and Under-Explored Basins

Sparse datasets can be combined with regional knowledge and analogs to establish geological rock physics models, then applied to real data to determine viable scenarios. This shows reservoir and non-reservoir compaction trends based on sparse available data and comparison of a 2D forward synthetic model to observed 2D seismic response at a structural prospect offshore Newfoundland and Labrador.

Frontier and Under-Explored Basins – Reduce Uncertainty

Frontier and under-explored basins have significant potential, but they are often located in harsh climates or deep waters. The required investment is high while the quantity of reliable data is limited. Ikon Science helps customers reduce the uncertainty with innovative workflows and processes that revolve around play identification/evaluation and prospect assessment uncertainties. Once prospects are validated, they can be ranked by probability of success, exploring the different geological scenarios that are consistent to the geophysics and other data. Next, we help you develop a drilling prognosis and planning the wells. Every step of the way, Ikon works with you - from frontier, seismic based lead generation to real time monitoring and beyond.

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Deepwater Basins
Meet Challenges Deepwater Basins

Deepwater Basins – Optimize Recovery, Minimize Costs

Deepwater exploration presents some of the industry’s most complex challenges. Successfully unlocking resources in these high-cost drilling environments requires a multidisciplinary approach. Ikon’s software and methodologies give customers maximum subsurface understanding to optimize exploration of deepwater environments, while improving safety and reducing costs. Our solutions effectively de-risk well designs in the ultra- and deepwater blocks and produce a geologically consistent, plausible geopressure model for well planning. The drilling window can be assessed through integrated, multi-disciplinary interpretation and data analysis. The Ikon team of quantitative interpreters, geopressure and geomechanics experts work with you to ensure the highest levels of integration.

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High Pressure, High Temperature Environments
Meet Challenges High Pressure, High Temperature Environments

High pressure high temperature well profile and mudweight window for a well drilled in the Central North Sea. Drilling window is approximately 0.5 PPG, which presents major challenges for future well design.

High Pressure, High Temperature Environments – Increase Accuracy, Improve Safety

High pressure, high temperature conditions are becoming common drilling environments as companies target deeper and hotter objectives. These environments pose some of the greatest technical and safety challenges, both in predicting the pore pressure and geomechanical properties pre-drill, and in the safe, affordable well design and execution of the well. Ikon provides integrated solutions to build predictive, high-resolution geomechanical models based on rock properties and multiple data types to ensure safe and operationally efficient well drilling. Real time monitoring and surveillance is performed at our centers in Europe and the Americas.

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Conventional Oil & Gas Exploration

With renewed confidence in exploration, oil and gas companies are now focused on pursuing their targets with firm cost control and efficiency. This paper explores what is needed to unlock the potential of existing and yet-to-be found hydrocarbon sources.


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