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People and expertise

Ikon Science has a number of senior geologists and geophysicists who regularly contribute peer-reviewed papers and articles to professional associations, as well as being called on to deliver lectures or chair association events. This recognition comes in no small part from their role as thought leaders established over many years of industry experience working in Ikon Science, in energy companies or preeminent technology companies.

Technical Leadership

Dr Scott Mildren

Geomechanics Consultant

Dr Jeremy Neep

Principal Geoscientist

Dr Ehsan Naeini

Senior Research Advisor

Dr Denis Saussus

Chief Technology Officer

Kester Waters

Global QI Technology & Special Projects

Simon Payne

QI Manager (America)

Drs Michel Kemper

Director, Research & Innovation

Dr Mark Sams

QI Manager (AP)

Dr Jeremy Meyer

Geomechanics Consultant

Scientific Associates

Prof. Andrew Hurst

University of Aberdeen

Prof. Jon Gluyas

University of Durham

Prof. Roy White

Birkbeck, University of London

Lev Vernik

Geophysics Consultant

Prof. Colin MacBeth

Heriot-Watt University