Delivering value

Value is not defined by the quality of the algorithms, the experience of the staff or the speed of the computers. For Ikon Science, value is all about delivering relevant answers to our customers with all the necessary information to fully understand how conclusions were reached and what may be the uncertainties affecting the results. These answers help our customers make business-critical decisions in confidence. That is true value.

Work with Ikon Science to 

  • Identify and add new reserves without needing to drill new wells
  • Rigorously qualify exploration prospects, improving the probability of future exploration success
  • Identify and target bypassed pay within mature fields
  • Reliably predicting commercial hydrocarbons in outstep locations
  • Identify and target sweet spots within unconventional plays
  • Fully integrate available data to build geomechanical models and optimise completion strategy and design
  • Leverage limited capital by participating in multi-client projects to obtain geotechnical results that would otherwise be beyond current budgetary capacity
  • Optimise IT spend by providing superior functionality and usability at an equivalent cost point to incumbent technology

The Ikon Science Promise

  • Our goal is to understand our customer’s needs and requirements, and provide timely, relevant and accurate answers using state-of-the-art technologies and proven workflows in the most cost-effective way.
  • Every study will start with a feasibility study to make sure that the goals set for the project are realistic and attainable.
  • We will apply an internal peer review process to the results before delivering them.
  • We will keep all stakeholders informed of progress.