Ikon Science has completed 2 projects for AMNI International Petroleum Development Company Limited. William Holt the Lead Operations Geologist summarized his experience with us. 

"AMNI commissioned Ikon Science to provide a geomechanics and pore pressure study prior to its 2016 Okoro drilling campaign. The proposed wells were high step out horizontal producers with tortuous trajectories. The wells were drilled across multiple structural features in relatively unconsolidated stratigraphy. Ikon Science utilized its experience from its Niger Delta regional studies integrated with AMNI's dataset to provide our subsurface and drilling teams with predictive pre-drill models. The wells were successfully drilled and completed on time and on budget without any geomechanics or pore pressure related issues’’.

William Holt - January 2017
Lead Operations Geologist - AMNI

In 2015 Devon Energy Canada Ltd awarded Ikon Science Canada a critical project to help understand the impact of temperature of rock properties within the McMurray reservoir, Clearwater/Wabiskaw caprock and Colorado shales in the jackfish area.  This project has helped Devon to understand the effect of heat on the elastic and geomechanical properties of the rock for better well integrity and planning.

The work program comprised multiple phases; broadly consisting of detailed rock physics analysis of over 3 weels integrated with seismic data to model the effect of heat on the near well-bore rock.  The success of these projects was due to Ikon's integrated Rock physics expertise.  The analysis of the changing rock properties correlated well to the observed changes in the data.

Ikon exceeded our expectations and executed the project to Devon’s satisfaction.  We recommend them highly for their knowledge, expertise, technology and project communication.  We would not hesitate to use them again for similar work.

George Thomson - April 2016
Geoscience Manager Jackfish - Devon Energy Canada Ltd

Lukoil Overseas has assets in West Africa and, on a number of occasions since 2011, has contracted Ikon Science Ltd to undertake Rock Physics and Inversion studies.

In early 2013 we engaged Ikon to conduct an EEI inversion study over an area in excess of 2000 km2.  The contract was valued at more than USD 25000.  Ikon Science executed the project to our complete satisfaction and Lukoil plans to award Ikon further projects in West Africa.

Dr. Andrey Akhmetzhanov - July 2015
Head of Geology Group - Lukoil Overseas UK Limited

Let us know what you think.

Let us know what you think.

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