Rock physics driven time lapse seismic | Ikon Science


By applying rock physics models to time-lapse inversion properties, the Ikon Science team can produce realistic and meaningful maps and cubes highlighting the changes in saturation and pressure away from the wells. These accurate predictions lead to successful drilling programmes targeting remaining hydrocarbons in places which may have previously been missed.

From AVO seismic to saturation difference cubes - see the change in the field post production

Using 4D AVO seismic we are able to invert to impedances and then subsequently to saturations. We can then go one step further to create cubes of saturation difference and remaining saturation in place. This allows us to identify where potentially unidentified barriers are present and highlight optimum places for future infill drilling.

Create a common reservoir model

By integrating the understanding of both practices mentioned above, Ikon Science is able to fine tune the reservoir model to improve and better match the true production profiles of the reservoir.

The aim of time-lapse work is to get the forward modelled predictions to match the feedback from the time-lapse predictions. This is often referred to as 'closing the loop.'

Predict a valuable survey date

Our 4D forward seismic modelling workflow will identify if and when in a field's life it is worth acquiring a repeat seismic survey.  

Modelling the time-lapse 4D effects driven by the dynamic simulation and constrained by appropriate rock physics models provides the most advance and realistic insight into what is going to occur in the future.

This feasibility service can advise development teams with the optimal dates to carry out a monitor survey.  The exercise is useful for saving money on wasted surveys, for example, when no significant differences would be seen.