Geomechanics for reservoir optimisation

Stress determination via geomechanical reservoir modelling.

A geomechanical model is necessary to understand a variety of critical reservoir behavior including compaction and subsidence, wellbore stability, wellbore integrity, completion design, production from natural fractures, caprock integrity and fault stability. Each of these can have a major impact on the both the cost to develop and operate a field and on the resulting production.  

The onset of lower oil prices is driving a quest for step changes in efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Geomechanics is emerging as the key discipline to significantly improve the planning and execution of reservoir optimisation operations through a more thorough understanding of changes in stress state, pore pressure and rock properties caused by the production of the oil or gas. 

Ikon Science offers a unique and seamless integration of well-based 1D and seismic-driven 3D geomechanics that constrains model inputs, and results in more detailed and reliable predictions of static and dynamic properties.  

Our range of services and software capabilities includes: 

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