The high costs of a drilling operation (especially offshore) together with increased number and potential severity of drilling hazards puts extra emphasis on the need to update a pre-drill prognosis in real-time during drilling. RokDoc RT is complete integrated workflow for proactive well management while drilling enabling operators to: drill safely and efficiently, use all relevant data, ensure experiences from offset wells are used, ensure lessons learned while drilling are documented and retained, apply best practices, mitigate the uncertainties in prognosis, optimize mud weight at all times, optimize casing shoe depths / avoid running contingency casing string and have the best chance to deliver a good quality borehole.

Reduce uncertainty in pre-drill prognosis and have confidence in drilling

RokDoc RT allows seamless integration between pre-drill, real-time, and post-drill analyses in order to reduce the uncertainties within real-time pressure monitoring. The benefit of the software is the use of both Depthand Time-based data monitoring and analysis that incorporates real-time data to improve casing and mudweight designs.

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Geopressure pre-drill and remote real time monitoring while drilling has been conducted in many geological environments from deep-water, HPHT, carbonate, uplifted basins, extensional basins, compressional basins and carbonate regions.

CASE STUDY Using all available data plays a vital role in successful drilling operations

Challenge: Offshore operations can be very complex and time consuming. Often the actual drilling of strata only occupies a fraction of the whole well. Complications due to improper pore pressure and/or fracture pressure estimation and management can lead to rapidly increasing costs as non-productive time accumulates. Not only during the drilling process, but for the entire time the hole is open to the surface, when a continuous stream of information is being provided about the pore pressures and fracture strength of the exposed wellbore.

Solution: Combine both time- and depth-based data to fully understanding the pore pressure regime and mitigate any non-productive time without the need to wait for external information sources.

Results: A proactive real-time pore pressure estimation provides significant benefits and is increasingly becoming an integral part of drilling operations by saving extensive non-productive time, alert the rig personnel of impending underbalance drilling and aiding the drilling team in determining the deepest that a hole section drilled without exiting the drilling window.

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