Dynamic Graphics, Inc. - Ikon Science Partner

Dynamic Graphics, Inc.

Ikon Science have an agreement for the commercial licensing of CoViz Lite, developed by California based Dynamic Graphics, Inc., as part of its RokDoc software packages to create a new RokDoc state-of-the-art visualization system. CoViz Lite is an add-on 3D visualization system for RokDoc featuring select capabilities derived from the original CoViz® 4D software that has been used by asset teams for over a decade. The ability to view the complex rock and fluid property maps and data volumes resulting from RokDoc’s wide range of integrated workflows in full 3D will help geologists and engineers understand and analyse complex reservoirs and plan more efficient wells.

Dynamic Graphics, Inc. (DGI) partners with our clients to solve spatial analysis problems in the petroleum, environmental, and earth-related sciences. Over the past four decades, we have been the premier provider of geospatial solutions with our innovative, easy-to-use software and outstanding support services. DGI offers three separate packages; CoViz 4D, WellArchitect, and EarthVision. While each is a standalone product, serving a different purpose in the hydrocarbon development workflow, when used in conjunction, they provide a collaborative multidisciplinary environment that offers dramatic benefits. www.dgi.com