How can you safely reduce the biggest expense in decommissioning?

Decommissioning is a major project that offers only the downside of huge costs and risks.

What can the industry do to make the process safer, more secure and cheaper?

So far, technology has driven savings in top side removal with rigless methodologies, and new materials for permanent barriers. But the greatest slice of capex – around 50% – goes on well plugging and abandonment. A new approach to P&A operations is the clearest way to minimise costs and cut days to completion.

Our new “Meeting the Decommissioning Challenge” whitepaper explores three ways to boost safety and value in P&A campaigns:

  • How to confidently optimise well P&A plans with the resource gap many teams are facing today.
  • How regional data and learnings can balance regulatory requirements with the specific needs of a well to safely and cost-effectively manage overburden flow risk.
  • How machine learning can bring partner and published data together to standardise processes, simplify abandonment plans and avoid over-engineering.