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June 11, 2020Daniel Swann

E&P Knowledge on Demand

Oil companies invest significant amounts of time and money in service projects, and regional studies. The products of the studies are well understood at the time they are received. However, as time passes, and the teams involved change, the value in the projects diminishes as the deliverables are archived and potentially permanently forgotten. The talk discusses strategies to preserve the value in the investment, standardizing between projects, to unlock stranded knowledge and ensure previous learnings are incorporated into future decisions. Once knowledge has been aggregated and standardized, the value can be significantly enhanced by empowering geoscientists to create new value from the data by applying it to their own challenges. Examples of new interactive tools will be shown which allow real time what-if scenario testing using the products Ikon’s regional studies to understand the link reservoirs properties, elastic properties and pre-stack seismic response.

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