Technical Paper
Technical Paper

A Probabilistic Multi-Scenario Seismic Inversion Scheme for Field Development and Appraisal

June 13, 2019

Written by: Ehsan Naeini and Jalil Nasseri


Field appraisal and development plans aim to provide the best technical solution for optimizing the production and require integration between various disciplines including geology, geophysics, engineering, well planning and environmental sciences. Of course this is a broad definition and the geophysics loop itself can consist of many studies. On that note, one could argue that seismic inversion is the fundamental, and perhaps the most critical, step in the quantitative interpretation (QI) workflows (and generally in the seismic discipline) to provide the final deliverables for field appraisal and development evaluations. It is therefore of significant importance in seismic inversion to assess all the possibilities and incorporate all the uncertainties involved in the reservoir definition and extension.

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