Technical Paper
Technical Paper

A Geological Pressure Model for the Browse Basin and the Southern Vulcan Sub-Basin, NWS Australia

July 15, 2019

Written By: Jakob Heller, Toh Shi-Yuan, and Alex Edwards


The results presented in this paper draws on a regional pressure analysis of the offshore areas of the Browse
Basin and the southern Vulcan Sub-Basin.


The presented study focuses on Late Permian to Recent stratigraphy and a new stratigraphic scheme consisting of 11 main sequences has been developed as part of the study.


Vp-Rho cross plot analysis conducted for wells in the study area, indicates that undercompaction (disequilibrium compaction) is the main overpressure generating mechanism present. Although no clear deviation from a normal compaction/disequilibrium compaction trend is evident in the analysed wells, densities can be very high at depth with densities up to 2.65 g/cm3 and above. This indicates that some cementation and possible clay mineral transformations have taken place in the deeper (and older) shales posing a challenge to conventional porosity/effective stress related pore pressure prediction.

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