December 17, 2018

RokDoc 6.6.1 with RokDoc rock physics e-learning and a new approach for inversion of depth domain seismic data

London – December 17th 2018 – RokDoc 6.6.1 and the new e-learning course are released – Ikon Science, the leading Geoprediction Company, launches RokDoc 6.6.1 this week, complete with streamlined workflows, enhanced External Interface functionality, and a novel approach for inversion of depth domain seismic data.

In the December 2018 release, RokDoc 6.6.1 delivers new features across a range of modules and add-ons whilst delivering on Ikon’s commitment to improving user’s software experience by improving viewing and display features and reducing button clicking.  December 2018 also sees the release of the first in a completely new series of certificated, online e-learning courses, allowing users worldwide to access RokDoc software training courses on a delivery and learning schedule which suits their needs.  For existing RokDoc customers, the first course, RokDoc Rock Physics can be purchased through the online portal after which the course and data are made available to the user for a period of 3 months. Further e-learning courses will become available throughout 2019 and beyond.

On trend with past releases, RokDoc 6.6.1 sees continuous improvements to performance and stability, and viewing capabilities. This release seeing the addition of enhanced seismic wiggle trace drawing and the ability to create difference gathers for the analysis of e.g. 4D time-lapse production related effects or to assess seismic data before and after pre-stack data conditioning workflows.  In the RokDoc 2D and Attrimod seismic modelling tools, users can now plan wells in both onshore and offshore environments with full control over datums.  The External Interface add-on has seen the addition of support for a number of new data items as well as enhancements to the controls of the functions.  The External Interface now comes with an all-new ‘Plug-in creator’, significantly reducing the burden on the user to generate XML scripts to ‘wire-in’ their own proprietary code into the RokDoc platform.

In response to growing interest and demand across industry, Ikon Science’s flagship Joint Impedance and Facies Inversion (Ji-Fi™) technology now provides a full depth domain, amplitude and kinematic inversion capability.  Users are now able to take Depth domain pre-stack seismic data, seismic velocities and Depth domain interpretations and solve directly for facies and elastic properties in true native Depth.  Whilst the facies and impedance models are solved for in Depth, the seismic matching is performed in TWT using an optimised velocity model, meaning that unlike other approaches which assume pseudo-depth / pseudo velocities, the physics of the problem is handled in a robust and defensible manner.

‘’Ask geoscientists and drillers, and they will tell you, unsurprisingly, that the subsurface is modelled and drilled in depth, even though seismic inversion results are ubiquitously delivered in two-way time’’ said Michel Kemper, Ikon Science’s, Chief Scientist. ‘’With more and more depth indexed seismic these days, we are leading the way to novel workflows for a fully depth native seismic to geomodelling to simulation workflow’’.

Delivery of facies and elastic properties in depth overcomes the challenges associated with conversion of time based discrete properties to depth (a ‘lossy’ process) whilst also paving the way for a new paradigm in azimuthal and 4D inversion, both of which should be performed in the depth domain, as in the time domain there are alignment issues.  Numerous other enhancements have also been applied across the RokDoc Reservoir Characterisation module to improve performance and stability and to get our users ever closer to the true goal of deriving quantitative geological models from seismic data.

For more information about this release follow Ikon Science on Linked-in for events near you or request a demo from the Ikon Science website.

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