September 28, 2020

Ikon Science Launches The Next Version Of RokDoc And iPoint Incorporating Powerful Usability And Stability Improvements

SURBITON, LONDON—September 28, 2020 – Ikon Science, a global provider of knowledge management solutions designed to optimize subsurface discovery, today announced the release of RokDoc and iPoint Version 2020.4.

“In uncertain times you need tools that you can rely on to get the job done, and the latest versions of both RokDoc and iPoint are more stable and more usable than ever before” said Nick Huntbatch, Product Manager for QI applications, Ikon Science. “For example, today’s release of RokDoc sees around 70 stability improvements as well as the implementation of key performance and usability enhancements.”

For RokDoc, this new release introduces RokDoc Search, allowing fingertip access to dialogs and functionalities, optimizations for running Ji-Fi using parallel processing and the addition of a matrix cross-plot to the Saturation Modelling Workflow.

Notable enhancements include:

  • RokDoc Search allows keyword searching of all RokDoc functions and dialogs from the Project View or Well View.
  • Almost 70 individual software improvements throughout RokDoc covering a wide range of functionality.
  • The ability to generate quantities and volumes from depth trend analysis sessions.
  • A laminated shale correction for the 1D, 2D and 3D fluid substitution tools.
  • IQP batch package exports are now optimized so that all calculations are performed using MPI.

For iPoint, this release includes significant new improvements to data ingestion capabilities with smart autoloaders allowing users drag/drop loading of documents, images, spreadsheets, LAS and DLIS file types with minimal manual effort.

Other notable enhancements include:

  • Ergonomic improvements to the ‘Export to RokDoc’ and ‘Export to Petrel’ dialogs. This allows faster mapping of metadata and seamless data transfer between different platforms.
  • Several improvements to the Admin toolkit including enhancements to curve alias tables, additional customization options in the spreadsheet loader templates and curve property mapping as well as value replacement options at the dataset property level.
  • New column configuration options for iMine allows additional filters to be applied to the data tree structure for different data types.
  • Improvements to the new SEGY loader in the Admin toolkit allows the automatic population of angle/offset minimum and maximum values along with a new option to store SEGY files internally in the iPoint datastore.


About Ikon Science

Ikon Science is a global provider of knowledge management solutions to optimize subsurface discovery.  For over 20 years, Ikon Science has applied deep scientific expertise and technology innovation to help customers extract more actionable knowledge from sophisticated subsurface data. By bringing digital transformation to knowledge management, Ikon helps customers make the best moves – improving accuracy, accelerating results and lowering costs. For more information, visit

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