June 8, 2020

Ikon Science Launches the Next Version of RokDoc and iPoint

SURBITON, LONDON—June 8, 2020 – Ikon Science, a global provider of knowledge management solutions designed to optimize subsurface discovery, today announced the release of RokDoc and iPoint Version 2020.3.

“Our RokDoc and iPoint platforms were built on accuracy, user understanding of different scenarios and flexibility,” said Denis Saussus, Chief Executive Officer, Ikon Science.  “The developments announced today are a step to making the industry’s most sophisticated solution for accelerating and improving subsurface predictions even better and easier to use.”

For RokDoc, this new release includes tools for modelling 4D geomechanical effects, a multi-well saturation modelling workflow saving time and ensuring consistency, as well as highly usable tools for rock-type labelling of log data.  Additionally, the Structurally Oriented Filtering (SOF) tool has been optimized to be significantly faster.

Notable enhancements include:

  • The ability to model the impact of reservoir compaction, and subsequent overburden subsidence resulting from pore pressure changes during production. This allows geoscientists with developmental assets to understand if subsidence caused by production is a significant risk, and to be better informed when defining delivery strategy.
  • A saturation modelling workflow that provides an easy-to-use, systematic approach to understanding the impact of fluid saturation on elastic response. This workflow provides access to a multi-well dry rock modelling step, batch generation of synthetic models and impedance logs, and screen capture to PowerPoint format.
  • New, user friendly rock-type labelling tools allow users to build an understanding of lithologies quickly and interactively. These labels are crucial for proceeding steps, either in rock physics or pressure prediction, and being able to visualise the thresholds and iterate the classification improves both usability and flexibility.
  • RokDoc will automatically calculate the average angle when using the Aki-Richards equation to calculate reflectivity when generating synthetics.

For iPoint, there is now new functionality in the Admin Tool, iMine and iPointWeb.  The user now has a better mapping of attributes from iPoint to RokDoc with baseline default mapping that can be changed by the user.  The introduction of seismic handling also gives users the ability to batch load SEGY files and to display seismic geometry on an ArcGIS map.  In addition, there is a new option to use spatial search to download documents with tree structure from iPointweb, and new functionality has been added to the existing DLIS loader with the support of importing multi-dimensional array curves.

For more information, visit www.ikonscience.com or email info@ikonscience.com.

 About Ikon Science

Ikon Science is a global provider of knowledge management solutions to optimize subsurface discovery.  For over 20 years, Ikon Science has applied deep scientific expertise and technology innovation to help customers extract more actionable knowledge from sophisticated subsurface data. By bringing digital transformation to knowledge management, Ikon helps customers make the best moves – improving accuracy, accelerating results and lowering costs. For more information, visit www.ikonscience.com.

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