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April 29, 2021Daniel Swann

Sushma Bhan

Sushma joined the Ikon Science board in 2021. Prior joining Ikon, Sushma was Chief Data Officer - Subsurface and Wells at Shell Oil where she developed business data strategies helping to implement collective data improvements resulting in millions of dollars in costs savings and valued outcomes in Wells, Reservoir and Facility Management (WRFM).  Sushma’s three decades Shell career encompassed various roles - General Manager Technical Data, Manager Data Management & Geomatics, Information Manager of Shell R&D, Discipline Chief of Information Management, Shell Chemicals’ Global IT Manager, and E-Commerce Business Manager for Equilon (Shell-Texaco Alliance).   Sushma is the recipient of; 2020 SPE International award for Management & Information (M&I) for distinguished contributions to the Petroleum industry, 2019 SPE Gulf Coast M&I award, 2018 Royal Dutch Shell’s CIO and VP awards for Global Data Quality. She has published technical papers on Technical Data Management, WRFM digital-Wellbooks, Data Security, Release of Technical Information and Knowledge Management.  She has an M.S. from University of Delhi and an Executive-MBA from University of Houston.  She also serves as a Board Advisor in Data Science and Engineering Analytics for the Society of Petroleum Engineers Inc. 

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