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January 03, 2020Daniel Swann

Martyn Millwood Hargrave

Martyn founded Ikon Science in 2001. He has over 30 years’ experience in new ventures and technology application in the oil and gas industry, working in International Geoscience and commercial roles for GSI Inc, Candecca Resources Plc, Hardy Oil and Gas, Jebco Inc, Acre Oil Plc and BG Plc. Prior to Ikon, he was Managing Director of IKODA Ltd and built the company from a start up to one of the largest independent upstream consulting groups dealing with high profile upstream deals including the North Caspian PSA negotiations and awards to the OKIOC consortium and related deals including a half billion dollar disposal of these assets. He has a long term interest in the public role of Geoscience and has provided this expertise on the board of a number of Industry R&D "think tanks" such as the Petroleum Science and Technology institute (PSTI) and Centre for Marine and Petroleum Technology (CMPT). He is currently a member of the CeREES Geo-Energy board of Durham University. He has been a founding shareholder or director of oil companies including Fusion Oil and Gas Plc, Virgo Energy Plc, a private oil and gas explorer sold to Encore oil Plc in 2006, and Ophir Energy Plc. Martyn earned an Honours degree in Geology from Durham University, UK and a post graduate qualification in Geophysics from Queen Mary College University of London. He is an active member of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, Institute of Petroleum and the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain.

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