RokDoc GeoMechanics

3 Day Course
This course introduces RokDoc GeoMechanics and Image Logs functionality, as well as a brief introduction to RokDoc PressureView.

You are taken through the workflow and tools for 1D geomechanical modeling in RokDoc, and shown how to:

  • Build and calibrate a model in 1D
  • Constrain in the Stress Polygon
  • Cross-check predicted results with image logs, and
  • Build an offset well plan using RokDoc 2D
Detailed Course Overview
Workflow 1 – Geomechanical Modelling in RokDoc
  • An introduction to the geomechanical workflow
  • Creating a RokDoc project
Workflow 2 – Workflow Editor
  • Building customisable workflows inside RokDoc
Workflow 3 – Data loading
  • Importing well logs, core and pressure measurements, and image logs
Workflow 4 – Viewing and utilising data
  • Well Viewer
  • MD to TVD conversions
  • Working intervals
Workflow 5 – Data QC and Conditioning
  • Log calculator
  • Rock physics model calibration and application
  • Cross-plot data QC
Workflow 6 – Image Logs
  • Display and calibration
  • Picking features on image logs
Workflow 7 – 1D Mechanical Stratigraphy
  • Elastic properties and rock strength
  • Fluid substitution
  • Dynamic/static correction
  • Rock property histograms
Workflow 8 – Pore pressure and stresses
  • Vertical stress and horizontal stresses
  • Pore pressure prediction
Workflow 9 – Model calibration
  • Collapse curve and tensile failure curve
  • Hoop stress and stress polygon plots for model parameterisation
  • User Programmer to calculate frictional limits
  • Model QC with available wells
Workflow 10 – RokDoc 2D and offset well extraction
  • RokDoc 2D
  • Extraction of data at planned well location
Workflow 11 – Model application
  • Fracture and breakout behaviour
  • Safe drilling window
  • Geomechanical plots
Optional workflows
  • Seismic data loading
  • RokDoc 3D introduction, model building, and data extraction
  • Seismic pressure prediction

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