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Ikon Science at Conjugate Margins Conference.

Ikon Science will be at the Conjugate Margins Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia, August 19–22, 2018. At 9:15 on Wednesday Sam Green will present Building a Geological-Pressure Model using Global Analogues.  Read a short abstract in our library.    Read More.


Operations Geoscience Conference - Adding Value, November 2018

This is the fourth year Ikon Science has contributed to a paper at this focused event organised by The Petroleum Group at the Geological Society London. Our previous work covered real-time whilst drilling and various papers with advice on uncertainty and geopressure. This year we... Read More.


Ikon Science to be at SEG 2018

As ever, Ikon Science has had a series of technical papers accepted into the SEG conference.  Titles are listed below:  1. Multiscenario, multirealization seismic inversion for probabilistic seismic reservoir characterization.  Kester Waters  2. Play s... Read More.


Ikon Science at the EAGE 2018

EAGE is around the corner and the Ikon Science team are looking forward to greeting you at the show.  Please see the timetable of our planned activities below.  We will be participating in Seismic Inversion into Lithology/Fluid Classes workshop on Sunday June... Read More.


Ikon Science will be at URTeC 2018

Visit us on booth 2713 at URTeC 2018 to learn how Ikon Science technology and workflows can add value to Unconventional plays.  Come see RokDoc in action with live demonstrations and preview inspiring and innovative workflow case study examples. You can also attend our popu... Read More.


Enhanced economic recovery with the release of RokDoc 6.5.2

RokDoc 6.5.2 sees significant usability and performance enhancements across the software suite along with enrichment of the reservoir characterisation and ML enabled Python interface as Ikon Science continue to focus on delivering accessible yet cutting edge science within a coll... Read More.


Ikon Science will be at GeoConvention

Visit us at the 2018 GeoConvention to learn how RokDoc software solutions and expert advice can help you unlock more knowledge about the behaviour of your reservoirs and add increased value to your assets. See RokDoc in action with live demonstrations of rock physics, forward mod... Read More.