About us

What we do 

Ikon Science develops pioneering GeoPrediction software technology and solutions to help customers unlock superior outcomes at a reduced cost and cycle time. Use of Ikon Science technology helps to achieve higher hit rates and faster production from simpler wells.  

The company develops and markets two linked platforms which together enable digital geoscience to fully impact the upstream. 

1. RokDoc  - the industry leading platform for the prediction of subsurface, (reservoir and fluid properties) and 

2. iPoint  - software for data management, geologically consistent aggregation and visualisation of subsurface wellbore data. 

Scientific frontier exploration, rapid appraisal, robust production modelling and monitoring, optimised development, reduced well count, fast resource assessment, upgraded forecasting and better facility design are just some of the benefits Ikon Science customers experience on a regular basis.  








GeoPrediction combines the sciences of quantitative geology, geopressure and geomechanics. Geoprediction will • predict reservoir properties • understand the dynamic behaviours of fluids in reservoirs and surrounding rock • ensure safer drilling

Our mission 

To measurably improve our customer's operational efficiency with geoprediction expertise, experience and technology.

Our corporate values 

  • Innovation
  • Scientific rigour
  • Honesty 
  • Alliance
  • Response
  • Excellence  

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