The industry is demonstrating an increasingly strong interest in geomechanics, especially with the falling price of oil. Increasing reserves can be accomplished by increasing volume, increasing recoverable percentage, or by lowering development costs, all of which call for a secure understanding of geomechanics. 


Ikon GeoMechanics

At Ikon Science, geomechanics is part of a multidisciplinary process that utilises the key geoprediction sciences to reduce risk in exploration and development drilling. As the acknowledged rock physical authority and experts in rock properties, pore pressure, and stress state, Ikon Science is uniquely positioned to deliver a mechanical earth model within an integrated software solution.

GeoMechanics in RokDoc Software

Ikon's RokDoc software allows for the quantification of uncertainty associated with property extrapolation through sophisticated rock physical models and property models. All geomechanical data, in line with Ikon’s interdisciplinary workflow, is integrated with data from world class geoprediction tools.

Simply put, better models come from better input. 

Geomechanics Training

We offer a course on the fundamental concepts underpinning any geomechanical study such as:

  • Rock properties
  • The relationship between stress and strain
  • Sources of stress 
  • Components of a full stress tensor

The course is designed for anyone involved in petroleum related exploration or well planning without detailed geomechanical experience.

Email us to request dates of the next training courses 

Video: Ikon Science add Geomechanics capabilities

Watch our 10 minute video which summaries the acquisition of JRS Petroleum Research by Ikon Science and the services which we can offer. Watch the video now.

Ikon GeoMechanics Services

  • Stress determination
  • Reservoir geomechanics
  • Drilling optimisation
  • Completions 

Seal Evaluation Services

  • Top seal
  • Fault seal
  • Pressure departmentalisation

Image Log Analysis Service

Ikon Science is independent and owns proprietary software for log processing and interpretation. Ikon Science focuses on data and interpretation quality control and is geared for high volume, high quality, quick turnaround Image Log projects.  Click here to read more on image log analysis services. 

  • Image Log Processing  - Acoustic, resistivity, wireline and LWD 
  • Stress Interpretation - Borehole breakout, drilling induced tensile fractures 
  • Structural Interpretation - Fault and fracture characterisation, SCAT analysis, seismic integration 
  • Sedimentological Interpretation - Net-to-gross, palaeocurrent indicators, depositional environment, sequence stratigraphy, core integration 
  • Unconventionals - Shales, coals 
  • Porosity analysis - Carbonates

If you have image logs available, speak with us to identify your fracture permeability, constrain your geological model and optimise production. 

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