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The industry is showing an increasingly strong interest in geomechanics. Determining stress regimes, understanding the impact of reservoir depletion, evaluating seals, optimizing drilling designs and completions are all hot agenda items among domestic and international operators.

A Mechanical Earth Model requires knowledge of three items: 
  • Rock properties 
  • Pore pressure 
  • Stress state

These three items are interrelated as a change in one will affect the others so must  be dealt with as a single integrated entity.

As the acknowledged leader in rock physics and an expert in all three fields, Ikon Science is uniquely placed to deliver the components of this integrated mechanical earth model within an integrated software solution delivering optimal field development and production solutions informed by the Mechanical Earth Model. 

Ikon GeoMechanics

Ikon Science identified the need not only to offer Geomechanics prediction capabilities, but also to fully integrate them with the Rock Physics and GeoPressure capabilities developed by the company. The acquisition in 2012 of Adelaide University’s Geomechanics spinout JRS Petroleum Research, founded in 2000, brought world-class science and knowledge to our clients via new smart software technologies and global knowledge solutions.



We are delighted to announce that Jorg Herwanger has just joined the team and will be working on key projects linking our existing and new software technologies, solutions best practice and R&D.  Read more.

Video: Ikon Science add Geomechanics capabilities

Watch our 10 minute video which summaries the acquisition of JRS Petroleum Research by Ikon Science and the services which we can offer. Watch the video now.

Image Log Services
  • Quality control
  • Processing
  • Interpretation
  • Core image integration
Geomechanics Training

We offer a course on the fundamental concepts underpinning any geomechanical study such as

  • rock properties
  • the relationship between stress and strain
  • sources of stress 
  • the components of a full stress tensor

The course is designed for anyone involved in petroleum related exploration or well planning who does not have detailed geomechanical experience.

Email us to request dates of the next training courses 

Geomechanical Services
  • Stress determination
  • Reservoir geomechanics
  • Drilling optimisation
  • Completions
GeoMechanics Operations

The GeoMechanics team offers solution-oriented services to the industry from its offices in Kuala Lumpur, Adelaide and Perth.

The in-house capabilities complement Ikon Science’s advanced rock physics, geopressure and quantitative interpretation technologies and workflows.

The network of offices offering these services will grow in the coming year.   If you are interested in being a part of the growing Geomechanics team please contact our HR department.

Seal Evaluation Services
  • Top seal
  • Fault seal
  • Pressure departmentalisation


Geomechanics Software

Ikon Geomechanics is developing an integrated software for image log analysis and geomechanics built on the RokDoc GeoPrediction platform. The availability of this new package will be communicated at a later date.

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Geomechanics as Part of a Multidisciplinary Process

Our objective is to develop and integrate the key GeoPrediction sciences of Rock Physics, Geopressure and Geomechanics to provide unique insight into the interactions between these formation characteristics. This creates significant value as well as reducing risk in exploration and development drilling in all types of plays from deep-water clastics, through carbonates to unconventional resources in shale, tight sand and coalbed formations. 

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