Technical Paper
Technical Paper

Real-time Monitoring, Using All Available Data, Plays A Vital Role In Successful Drilling Operations

May 2, 2016

Written by: Cory Moore, Eamonn Doyle, Karol Jewuła, Łukasz Karda, Tim Sheehy and Stephen O’Connor, Ikon Science;
Obren Djordjevic (Obie), Murphy Exploration & Production Company


In order to mitigate predrill uncertainties and provide the well team with the best information to drill proactively, monitoring of borehole operations in real-time is vital on wells drilled today. Real-time monitoring (Pore Pressure while Drilling – PPwD) gives the team the best chance to drill the well safely and efficiently to planned targets. Recent proposals by the United Sates Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement indicate real-time monitoring might soon be mandatory on many offshore US wells. One particularly important aspect of real-time monitoring is pore pressure and fracture gradient estimation and prediction.

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