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University Partnerships and Opportunities

Ikon Science actively supports and encourages Universities to have access to RokDoc software and training, in house lectures, and will work with Professors to provide access to free licenses.We provide sponsorship to consortiums and research projects and will consider funding of PhD students when appropriate.

Are you an active RokDoc student at one of Ikon’s partner Universities?

If you are a student who has achieved something with RokDoc then you could be eligible for...

  • A free training place on an Ikon Science class of your choice
  • An endorsement letter from the Ikon Science Technical Director for your future job search
  • Prizes and text books
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New Partners

We are always happy to enhance the existing relationships or begin new ones. Please contact us to start a discussion.

University of Manchester - Manchester, UK

'The University of Manchester benefits from subsurface interpretation software provisions from a variety of vendors. Access to state of the art rock physics software (RokDoc) enables students and researchers to better understand seismic reflection amplitudes and allows them to tie well and seismic data, analyze fluid effects and model responses to known geological scenarios. In short the software enables a more quantitative approach to seismic reflection interpretation'  (Quote from University of Manchester Lecturer).