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RokDoc For Interpreters - 2 Day Course - 13 Nov - 14 Nov 2019

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13 Nov - 14 Nov 2019

Cost per place: $1,900.00

Course Outline

This two-day course is intended for industry professionals aiming to reduce uncertainty in their seismic interpretation, through the common-sense application of standard rock physics workflows. You will examine the quantitative relationship between geology and geophysics in an intuitive, interactive way, leading to an increased understanding of the seismic response in the subsurface.

Attendees are guided though the basics of the RokDoc software, before focusing in on data QC and calibration, log prediction and fluid substitution. The conditioned data are then used to create offset synthetics and elastic logs, to model the seismic response to various geological scenarios. Finally, the well is tied to the seismic, allowing 2D models to be constructed incorporating both well and seismic data.

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