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Lev Vernik, Ph.D. - Unconventionals Tutor

Geophysics Consultant

Lev Vernik is a geophysics consultant and owner of Seismic Petrophysics, LLC, in Houston, Texas, and a research professor of geophysics at the University of Houston. He has held various geoscience positions with major oil and gas companies, focusing on seismic petrophysics, AVO modeling/analysis, prestack seismic inversion, and geomechanics. Dr. Vernik's new book is Seismic Petrophysics in Quantitative Interpretation. Early praise for his book says it strikes "the right balance between the theory and practical application...[making] this manuscript unique among other publications (Kostia Azbel - Shell) and that Dr. Vernik "has outlined a workflow that elegantly handles the complexities of the subject while maintaining a practical point of view (Marco Perez - Apache)."   Lev Vernik has signed an exclusive deal with Ikon Science to teach this new course and throughout 2017 has been working with Ikon Science Developers to add rock physics modules for unconventionals resources into RokDoc. 




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Seismic Petrophysics and Geomechanics of Unconventional Shales - 2 Day Course 11 Mar - 12 Mar 2020 Denver Area - TBC $2,900 View Details