Tim Sheehy - Geopressure and Real-time Tutor

Well Services Manager, Americas​

Tim Sheehy completed his BSc. (Hons) in geology at the University of Manchester in 1980.  

His career began with a 20 years career stint at with Baker Hughes with job titles such as Mud Logger, Data Engineer, Technical Support and Operations Management.  His experience in these roles spanned East & West Africa, The Middle East, East Coast of Canada, US GOM, California, Alaska, Guatemala, Colombia and Venezuela.  

At Baker Hughes he realized his passion for pore pressure which he pursued when joining Knowledge Systems (KSI) as a Pore Pressure Analyst.  He worked at the wellsite and in various operators’ offices in the US GOM, the North Sea, Trinidad and East Coast Canada.  Duties included building predrill models of pore pressure, fracture gradient, shear failure gradient and accounting for centroid effects and then monitoring the same at the wellsite. Tim became the Training Manager at KSI and taught software and theory classes for pore pressure to E&P company personnel in the US, Latin America, Europe and SE Asia. 

When KSI was purchased by Halliburton, Tim joined a startup software company called Verdande who brought Artificial Intelligence and case based reasoning to the oilfield.  In 2014 he returned to his pore pressure work with Ikon Science PPwD (pore pressure while drilling) which is the real-time monitoring arm of Ikon Science. 

In 2017 Tim Sheehy became Well Services Manager, Americas for Ikon Science.