Dr. Scott Reynolds - Geomechanics Tutor - Ikon Science Training Tutor

Dr. Scott Reynolds - Geomechanics Tutor

Technical Manager Wells, Asia Pacific

A petroleum geomechanics specialist with over 18 years of geomechanics experience and with a background in geology and geophysics. Scott has a PhD in geomechanics from the University of Adelaide and was a post-doctoral researcher for four years at the same institution. His current role involves developing the Ikon geomechanics business and undertaking all variety of geomechanics activities throughout the world. His experience includes detailed structural and geomechanics interpretation of image logs, wellbore stability and drilling optimisation, sand production analysis, pre-drill and real-time pore pressure prediction, fault seal integrity, fluid flow in naturally fractured reservoirs and reservoir geomechanics. He has been involved in training and mentoring for over 18 years.