Dr. Alex Edwards - Geopressure Tutor

Global Portfolio Manager - Wells

Alex is a Global Portfolio Manger for Wells at Ikon Science Based in the Surbiton Office, London. Over the past 10 years he has worked as a specialist in pore pressure and fracture gradient analysis. His work has a particular emphasis on the integration of geopressure work with other Ikon disciplines such as rock physics and geomechanics. Alex also acts as the technical advisor for regional studies group. He is also highly involved with geopressure research. He writes technical papers and presents at international conferences and regularly publishes on a variety of pore pressure topics. 
Alex joined Ikon Science in 2009, and has since been involved in many projects, covering all key technical aspects including, regional pore pressure analysis, field evaluation (seal breach and hydrodynamics), pre-drill, real-time and post-drill analyses, and the integration of geomechanics and rock-physics with pore pressure. These projects have covered many geological settings and challenges from uplifted basins, extensional basins, compressional basins, deep water, unconventional, and carbonates. 
Before joining Ikon in 2009, Alex received a MESci in geology (2005) at the University of Liverpool and a PhD in structural geology at the University of Manchester. Alex is part of the team of trainers within Ikon responsible for pore pressure theory training and RokDoc software training.