Andrey Kozhenkov - Geoscience Tutor - Ikon Science Training Tutor

Andrey Kozhenkov - Geoscience Tutor

Senior Geoscientist, Team leader​

Andrey graduated from Moscow State University of Oil&Gas with a BSc in Geophysical methods of Oil&Gas exploration. After graduation, Andrey spent a brief period working in geological database department at Lukoil Overseas. He then joined Schlumberger Western Geco as field QC geophysicist doing quality control and express processing of seismic data. Working on number of projects in Western Siberia and Libya with conventional dynamite and vibroseis 3D/2D land crews. In 2008 Andrey joined Moscow branch of Fugro-Jason firstly as member of seismic data processing team and later switched to inversion and reservoir characterisation. At Jason, Andrey has worked on a number projects, employing the skills of inversion, interpretation, and analysis on projects in the Western Siberia , Timano-Pechora, Volgo-Urals, Gulf of Mexico and offshore Ghana regions. Joining Ikon Science in April 2013, Andrey now works on seismic analysis & geologic modelling, with a focus on well tie, seismic data conditioning, seismic interpretation, wavelet estimation and inversion (RokDoc, Strata, Kingdom, Petrel).