Dr Sam Green - Geopressure Tutor - Ikon Science Training Tutor

Dr Sam Green - Geopressure Tutor

Lead Geologist

Sam has a BSc, MSc and a PhD in Geology from the University of Manchester (BSc & PhD) and the University of Leeds (MSc). The PhD involved studying the effects of pore pressure on landslip movement characteristics. He joined Ikon GeoPressure in 2008, and has since gained experience in all aspects of pressure analysis in many different geological scenarios and locations including Central North Sea, East Irish Sea Basin, Mid Norway, Barents Sea, Black Sea, Gulf of Mexico, North Africa, West Africa, East Africa, South-East Asia, Australia and Brazil.  He has also been involved in numerous well planning projects involving prediction of the overburden, pore pressure and fracture pressure including many different geological settings, such as; onshore plays, HPHT environments, carbonates, deep and ultra-deep water settings and salt-rich locations.  Sam is part of the team of trainers within Ikon responsible for pore pressure theory training and RokDoc software training.