Dr. Sam Green - Geopressure Tutor

Technical Manager Wells, EA & ME​

Sam is the Technical Manager – Wells, EA & ME for Ikon Science and principle trainer in geopressure theory for Ikon Science, having joined in 2008. Sam has experience in all aspects of pressure analysis in many different geological settings (uplifted basins, extensional basins, deep-water, onshore conventional plays, carbonates and salt) in a wide range of geographical locations including Offshore East Canada, Central North Sea, Barents Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Southern Atlantic, North West Shelf Australia, West Africa, and unconventional plays in the Permian Basin, Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, and onshore UK.

Sam has published on topics as diverse as unconventional pore pressure prediction, deep-water frontier pressure modelling, pressure in carbonates and hydrodynamics.

Sam has a BSc in Geology and a PhD in Structural Geology from the University of Manchester and an MSc in Structural Geology with Geophysics from the University of Leeds.