RokDoc Advanced WellTie - 1 Day Course - Training Course by Ikon Science

RokDoc Advanced WellTie - 1 Day Course

Available as a public course
Available as a private in-house course

Half of this course is allocated to the theory and the other half to practice with the software. The course first covers the basic principles of the well tie and best practice QC measures. Next is a discussion of the potential shortcomings of the classic well tie techniques when dealing with modern broadband seismic data. Finally the new advanced well tie methods recently developed for broadband seismic data are introduced and practiced hands-on in RokDoc.

Full Course Outline

  • Introduction to well-tie and wavelets
    • Workflow 1: Create and edit wavelets
  • Standard well-tie method
    • Introduction to training dataset
    • Workflow 2: estimate standard wavelets, QC measures

  • Advanced well-tie method
    • Workflow 3: Frequency domain multi-taper
    • Workflow 4: Parametric constant phase
    • Workflow 5: Bayesian wavelet estimation
    • Comparison of wavelet methods
    • Workflow 6: QC of wavelets using inversion

  • Combining wavelets
  • Summary of advanced well-tie course

If being held at a client's office, or is a private course, the course will also include a workshop covering the application of advanced well-tie to client dataset.

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