RokDoc Rock Physics Model Templates - 1 Day Course

Available as a public course
Available as a private in-house course

Intended for intermediate RokDoc users who require an introduction to Rock Physics Model Templates. Attendees are taken through a series of workflows illustrating the predictive power of rock physics models for reservoir characterisation.

Full Course Outline

Workflow 1 – Rock Physics Models
  • An introduction to the models

Workflow 2 – Rock Physics Model Templates

  • Calibrating the model
  • Creating a model mesh
  • Incorporating seismic data
  • Highlighting modelled properties in 3D Volumes and Well Viewers
Workflow 3 – Forward & Reverse Modelling

  • Forward Modelling Vp, Vs & Rho
  • Reverse Modelling porosity and shale volume
  • Uncertainty Threshold
  • Changing RPM Template variables

Workflow 4 – Depth trends: Shale Model
  • Depth Trend Analysis
Workflow 5 – Depth trends: Sand Model
  • Calibrating the Han shaley-sand model
  • Calibrating the Gardner sand model
Workflow 6 – Blocky AVO Model
  • Modelling AVO at sand/shale interfaces

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