RokDoc 3D Course - 1 Day Course

Available as a public course
Available as a private in-house course

Intended for intermediate RokDoc users who require an introduction to RokDoc 3D. Attendees are taken through a series of workflows illustrating the predictive power of rock physics models, before progressing to RokDoc 3D, where the user can model lithologies and fluids, manipulate seismic inversion volumes, create elastic and geological property volumes, and export them to SEG-Y.

Full Course Outline

Workflow 1 – Model Generation

  • Building the model
Workflow  2 – Make Bodies and Create Base Model
  • Creating and populating models

Workflow 3 – Map Viewer and Attribute Map

  • Creating time slices and horizon views of model attributes
  • Measuring pre/partial stack attributes

Workflow 4 – Weighted Stack Cross-plot

  • Reshaping inversion volumes
  • Rotating data in elastic space

Workflow 5 – Bayesian Classification

  • Creating Probability Density Functions
  • Bayesian Classification

Workflow 6 – Polygon Indicator

  • Creating and saving cross-plot polygons
  • Polygon Indicator
  • Polygon Indicator – Combination

Workflow 7 – Realising Property Volumes in 3D

Workflow 8 – RPM Templates in RokDoc 3D

  • Using RPM Templates in 3D
  • Turning model meshes into classification systems

Workflow 9 – Reverse Modelling in 3D

  • Reverse Modelling porosity and shale volumes from elastic properties

Workflow 10 – Extract Log

  • Creating well logs from model properties

Workflow 11 – Derived Elastic Property Volumes

  • Creating EEI and other elastic properties

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