Property prediction - rocks, fluids, pressures and stress

Successful E&P depends on properly integrating the key subsurface elements required to predict and achieve commercially viable results from exploration wells and to efficiently develop and produce existing fields.   It is imperative to reduce subsurface uncertainties at different scales (basin, field, reservoir) as a premise to successfully identifying and developing hydrocarbon assets. Predicting rocks and fluids, as well as quantifying properties such as porosity, permeability, pore pressure, fracture gradients and stress regimes, is critical to ensure an optimal return on capital in the modern oilfield.

Geoscientists and subsurface engineering consultants at Ikon Science have assisted many customers in identifying and enhancing oil and gas accumulations in plays around the world. With our unique geoprediction workflows, Ikon Science deploy cost-effective and scientifically-robust models, workflows, and best practices, including success and failure scenario assessments.  Allow us to provide a comprehensive representation of the subsurface for your business.