Making high-stakes exploration decisions? You need quantitative information that geoprediction delivers

Exploration is full of unknowns.  Ikon Science brings you modern scientific methods that help mitigate exploration risks.  We make maximum use of available data and knowledge to support critical decisions such as:  what acreage to license, what data to purchase, how to rank drilling prospects, and where to drill exploratory wells. 

Invest with confidence

Gain valuable insights before you commit to licensing exploration acreage. 

Ikon Science can help you uncover vital clues about a viable hydrocarbon system and potential trap mechanisms.  Understanding the regional stress regime can provide insight into probable faults and fractured zones.  The regional pressure regime will alert you to potential drilling risks and make reservoir pressure predictions more accurate.  

We can also deliver a rapid analysis of regional seismic data, including direct hydrocarbon indicators, depositional history, and the probability of reservoir-quality porosity and permeability. 

Invest with confidence by taking advantage of our expertise and integrated solutions to make the most effective acreage evaluation.

Purchasing the right data

High-quality, high-resolution data is vital for reliably imaging today’s complex hydrocarbon plays.  Using our industry-leading Ji-Fi workflows, Ikon Science can help you purchase data with confidence, knowing that it is up to the task of imaging your targeted formations.

Non-exclusive seismic surveys provide rapid, cost-effective access to data for exploration purposes.  Our Ji-Fi workflow can be run on a small area inside the survey, using regional geological knowledge to obtain a meaningful classification of facies within the seismic data.  The results will give you a definitive assessment of whether the data can deliver the answers you need.

Ikon Science has completed a wide range of regional studies covering rock physics trends, pressure regimes, and geomechanical stress regimes.  These can be used to inform local analyses – such as the Ji-Fi test described above – even if there are no well data available within the target area.

Read this article from The Leading Edge to see how Ji-Fi was used to construct a geological model around a recent discovery offshore in the Carnarvon Basin offshore Western Australia. 

Ji-Fi gas thickness estimate for Pyxls. Data from Searcher Seismic.

Efficiently rank exploration prospects

Ikon Science offers solutions that streamline the prospect ranking process.  We help you take a quantitative approach to reservoir quality prediction, drilling risk, and trap-seal risk assessment. With dozens of candidates to choose from, even the most complete analysis of available data rarely identifies a clear winner.  Taking a quantitative approach can bring clarity to the decision-making process. 

We help you identify prospective reservoir by accurately predicting formation properties, such as porosity and permeability, seal quality, and the probability of hydrocarbon charge. 

We draw on analogues and offset well control points to minimise uncertainty, especially in areas with limited drilling history.

Our integrated geomechanical analysis highlights drilling risks associated with predicted formation pressures, potential borehole failure, and the effects of drilling close to salt.   These can reshuffle the deck, downgrading a highly favored prospect in favor of something more straightforward to drill.

Contact Ikon Science to help high-grade your exploration portfolio.

Drill exploration wells with confidence

Ikon Science reduces exploratory drilling risk by accurately predicting formation pressures, stresses, and fractures that might compromise the well construction process.  This is especially valuable when drilling far from any previous activity or targeting a new interval that’s deeper than other wells in the area.

Using local and regional geological information, our geopressure team builds an accurate pressure gradient prognosis along the planned borehole.  They anticipate potentially over-pressured formations and help you design a casing program that ensures safe drilling while reaching the target interval with a useful borehole diameter.

Our geomechanics team analyses the formations through which the well will be drilled, looking for stress regimes or fractured zones with the potential to trigger borehole failure.  This is particularly important for deep and highly-deviated well paths.

Consult the experts at Ikon Science to ensure you design exploration wells that can be drilled with confidence.