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Subsurface Digital Transformation

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Ikon Science is a trusted partner for oil and gas operators of all sizes to turn their digital transformation strategies into business impacting realities.

Data should be one of our industry’s greatest assets, but too often how we handle that data limits the impact for subsurface engineers to adequately make informed decisions that shape business operations. Our teams’ combination of technology and expertise allows organizations to take control of their data in order to improve the decision-making process throughout the E&P lifecycle.

Improving Data Quality

Data is only valuable to our organizations if we can confidently apply it to solve our challenges. Data can be of questionable vintage and provenance, while duplicates and competing versions use up valuable server space and complicate subsurface workflows. Ikon Science has developed a number of automated tools and data standards that allow our clients to solve data dilemmas and refine data quality ensuring end users can confidently utilize data to power their knowledge creation workflows.

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Increasing Data Utilization

Legacy data repositories litter operators IT infrastructures – containing high value information but frequently inaccessible to the business units that crave the information. Data is either entirely overlooked, or requires resource and time intensive manipulation to be integrated in with contemporary workflows. Ikon Science’s suite of integration and automation tools act as the plumbing for your organization’s data repositories.

Contemporary technology and defined processes ensure that as the industry focuses on efficiency and time savings, your data will always be where you need it, ahead of time – be that in Ikon Science applications or 3rd party access points and processes. Bespoke configuration based on commercial platforms results in easily managed systems that meet the exact challenges posed by your ecosystem of tools and applications.

Applying Digital Transformation to Business Problems

Oil and gas operators are full of innovators, but even innovators need assistance making their ideas come to fruition. Whether starting out on a digital transformation or looking to supplement an existing project, Ikon Science offer oil and gas expertise to help deliver your data transformations. Every operator has different challenges and existing infrastructure so wefocus on building our understanding of your data challenges and goals before working with you to map solutions that cover not only technology, but data best practices and change management.

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The Devil is in the Data: How Data Can Save The Oil and Gas Industry

The total volume of data created, captured, copied, and consumed in the world is staggering, and grows exponentially each year. Each day across the globe we generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of data, a number so unfathomably large it quickly loses…

Integration & Automation

Integration & Automation

Our range of integration and automation tools ensure that high quality data is delivered across your organization regardless of the source or format of the raw data. At a time when both expenditure and resources are limited, our intelligent solutions ensure deliverable quality stays high while costs stay low.


Additional Enhancements


Streamline data loading and process bulk data quickly all while ensuring optimum data quality. Configure custom business rules so data is consistent and trustable.

Integrated Tools

Bring in information from a variety of databases, applications and other repositories and consolidate to a unified model and quality. Eliminate data silos and open up data access across the organization.

Data Distribution

Feed advanced analytics, machine learning and a suite of applications with consistent and high quality data. Our range of data distribution tools include web-services and bespoke adapters to ensure data is always where it can have maximum impact.

Data Consultancy & Services

Data Consultancy & Services

Embarking on a digital transformation project can be a formidable task and it can help to have a reliable partner to work with to act as a guide. Our services range from initial consultancy, to help map out your digital journey, through delivery of solutions and data management outsourcing.


Additional Enhancements


Our data solutions consultants can review existing data challenges, work to scope solutions and manage transformation projects to ensure your goals are met, on time and on budget.

Technical Services

Highly skilled technical consultants work with your own IT departments to ensure our solutions are implemented in ways which maximize their benefits in your existing infrastructure. Whether installing systems, creating custom connectors or configuring scripts and tools, our team deliver seamless data flow.

Data Services

Creating data standards and applying them to legacy datastores can be a daunting challenge. Our data services teams can be contracted to deliver clearly defined projects or provide an outsourced continuous data management service. Regardless of scale or scope we can help you deliver.

We’re ready to help

The Ikon team makes it easy to get started with Data Solutions. Our consultants will help you define a new digital roadmap or help make your existing one a reality. We will assist with data clean up as well as provide support during the automated data loading process.

Schedule a consultation to learn how to leverage your data for better decision making.

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