RokDoc RT - software for real-time well monitoring and risk management

RokDoc RT is Ikon's real-time pore pressure prediction software. Any pore pressure prognosis inherently involves uncertainty: Offset well data uncertainty, seismic data uncertainty and geological uncertainty. Estimating and predicting pore pressure in real-time with RokDoc RT reduces this uncertainty as the well is drilled thus reducing the risk and the cost of the drilling operation. Geopressure- and wellbore stability-related problems are estimated to cost the oil & gas industry in excess of $8bn/year; about 40% of NPT. With increased scrutiny of drilling operations and new regulations coming into force real-time monitoring of pore pressure is essential to improve safety and reduce drilling costs. RokDoc RT applies both industry standard and proprietary technologies in a small footprint user friendly application for the efficient prediction and analysis of pore pressure before, during and after drilling.

Drilling parameter data in real-time

RokDoc RT uses the WITSML* data standard to collect all relevant data, depth-based and time-based, from service contractors. Typically the data used will be from LWD and mud logging services. WITSML* is based on internet technologies, so RokDoc RT may be used at the well-site or wherever an internet connection is available making remote surveillance and interpretation possible near real-time.

Depth & time based - receive logs and trajectory data direct from the rig

RokDoc RT receives depth-based and time-based logs along with trajectory data from the rig service providers or data aggregators. The inclusion of time-based data and the built-in, user-definable viewers to monitor it allows early detection and detailed analysis of drilling events significant to pore pressure

Calculations & scripting - flexible, fast & lightweight scripting

Calculations in RokDoc RT are performed using a powerful, fast and lightweight embedded scripting language. This gives the system enormous flexibility to meet your demands. Standard scripts are included so the software is ready to go out of the box, but user-defined scripts may be added to cover proprietary analysis methods.

Basin geopressure model - tools for basin geopressure models

RokDoc RT includes tools for fault analysis, a 3D surface viewer for analysis of fault configuration, pore pressure and porosity cubes and section tools which may be used to refine the framework model against pressure data. As real-time data is collected and analysis performed, the basin model is updated. The iterative updating of the model while drilling allows for more accurate pressure prediction for the well being drilled and reduces uncertainty.

*WITSML is a registered trademark of Energistics Consortium, Inc.


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