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RokDoc GeoPressure

RokDoc GeoPressure is the complete package for 1D to 3D pressure analysis and prediction. Reservoir engineers, geologists and interpreters are able to integrate and analyse pressure, wireline and lithological data for offset wells and to gain greater insight in undrilled prospect areas.

RokDoc Pressure Prediction Module
Single-well pressure data

Single-well pressure data (both formation and fracture), mudweights, lithology and stratigraphic information can be displayed for individual wells for pressure interpretation. Fluid gradients can be determined statistically or manually using petrophysics information, in conjunction with wireline log data for accurate assessment. The overpressure values, extracted from the pore pressure data, can then be used for mapping purposes to identify pressure compartments, and pressure characteristics such as, pressure transition zones and pressure regressions. Additionally, multi-well plots can also be generated to illustrate relationships that are not apparent in single-well plots (e.g. data bound by structural elements).

An example of displaying and interpretation of pressure data

GeoPressure Calculator

Accurate pressure analysis requires carefully calibrated and geologically valid lithostatic pressure profiles, normal compaction trends and Vshale logs. The RokDoc GeoPressure Calculators streamline the process of creating, displaying and analysing these lithostatic pressure profiles and normal compaction trends. Using these GeoPressure Calculators, the user can predict pore pressures using a set of industry standard models. The resulting pore pressure logs can be displayed in RokDoc PressureView, allowing for easy comparison of the predictions generated from each of the pore pressure models.

RokDoc Fracture Pressure Calculator

Contains all of the tools required to perform fracture pressure predictions and QC the results. The tool includes multiple industry standard fracture pressure models. The resulting predictions can be displayed and easily compared in RokDoc PressureView. The Fracture Pressure Calculator module also contains functions that can be used to generate stress ratio and Poisson’s ratio trends from data in offset wells. These trends, together with lithostatic and formation pressure profiles, are used as inputs to the various fracture pressure models.

Seismic Pressure Calculator

Provides a complete 3D pore pressure prediction workflow, from seismic velocity QC and calibration, through building a 3D model and depth-time conversions, to deterministic and stochastic seismic based pore pressure prediction. The resulting 3D pressure predictions can be easily visualised within RokDoc and exported to SEG-Y volumes. Pore pressure values can be extracted along the path of an undrilled prospect well for display in RokDoc PressureView. Stochastic calculations can be performed by using recorded or estimated uncertainly in the input values to generate multiple independent pore pressure realisations. Probability analysis can then be performed on these realisations allowing easy visualisation of how uncertainty in the inputs effects the accuracy of the resulting pore pressure prediction.

A complete 3D pore pressure prediction workflow


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