RokDoc CoViz , 3D visualisation for RokDoc

This exciting new offering from RokDoc delivers state-of-the-art visualisation capabilities. The complete RokDoc GeoPrediction platform has been enhanced by the inclusion of this visualisation capability, allowing users to better understand and analyse complex reservoirs and plan more efficient wells.

Geoprediction in 3D

Understanding the geometry and spatial relationships of rock volumes, faults, unconformities and other important aspects of a hydrocarbon reservoir, plus its surroundings, is crucial to validate calibration, characterisation and interpretation results. This understanding is also key to identify and de-risk aspects of the reservoir that could have negative implications for drilling or production activities.

Embedded visualisation

Most of our customers have access to advanced visualisation tools to assess the 3D challenges of their assets. However it was recognised as essential that users could interact with 3D volumes while working in RokDoc and validate parameters before proceeding. What was needed was a way to visualise rock physics and pressures in 3D as an integral part of the workflow .


By combining tightly the capabilities of CoViz Lite and the RokDoc platform, highly interactive and iterative workflows can be practiced effortlessly and with minimal need for additional. Visualisation becomes part of the workflow rather than an after-the-fact QC step in a project.

Features of CoViz Lite

  • Visualise all data incorporated in a RokDoc-3D model, including well logs, 2D attribute maps, and 3D properties, both realised and calculated on-the-fly.
  • The tight integration between RokDoc and CoViz Lite means that calculated properties are immediately available for display in the 3D viewer, with consistent display properties used across all views.
  • CoViz Lite’s efficient rendering system, together with RokDoc’s multi-threaded processing engine, keeps the display responsive, providing fast results and enabling efficient iterative workflows. 


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CoViz Lite is developed by Dynamic Graphics® Inc.