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RokDoc ChronoSeis

Using a unique gridless model building framework, RokDoc ChronoSeis enables rapid 3D-4D geological modelling and reservoir monitoring.  Models integrate structural and stratigraphic information, data from wells and seismic, and reservoir simulation results enabling users to analyse evolving reservoir behaviour.

Key features

Gridless Models
3D-4D Geological Modelling
Time-lapse Seismic Analysis and Inversion
Designed for Life of Field Seismic
Simulation-to-Seismic Workflow
4D Forward Seismic Modelling
Compaction Modelling
Time-varying model geometry
Seismic Reservoir Characterisation
Stochastic Inversion Tools

Reservoir Modelling

Rather than store properties on a geocellular grid, RokDoc ChronoSeis uses a continuous chronostratigraphic age field as the model foundation. All other model features such as depth surfaces, rock properties, fluid contacts and well data are date-stamped and can change with production time.

Model properties are stored as recipes and calculated on-the-fly meaning:

  • Updating a model when a new well is drilled is effortless as the recipes remain unchanged
  • Properties can be realised at any scale
  • Models are tolerant of imperfect input data allowing results to be obtained more quickly

Reservoir Monitoring

Thanks to the underlying gridless, time-varying model, RokDoc ChronoSeis is ideal for 4D seismic reservoir monitoring. Seismic surveys on varying geometries can be combined together with data from well logs and reservoir simulation to enable workflows including:

  • 4D forward modelling
  • 4D inversions
  • 4D feasibility studies
  • Simulator validation
  • Time-lapse analysis

Close the loop between the geomodel, 4D seismic and reservoir simulation.


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