RokDoc Overview

RokDoc has been developed in collaboration with major oil companies and academic experts since 2001.  Use it to analyse well and seismic data, determine value and apply quantitative methods to predict rock, fluid and pressure properties.

With RokDoc seismic data can be integrated with log data and pressure data. RokDoc has unparalleled rock physics modelling capabilities and Rock Physics Model Templates. The tools can be used to identify porosity and many other types of geological variations, based on seismic and well data. 

Using the Rock Physics modules a 'basic' RokDoc user will easily make geological ‘sketches’ of a seismic interpretation and then determine if the synthetic matches the seismic. RokDoc makes it simple to perform all the usual fluid substitutions, variable contacts and pressure perturbations, etc.

The RokDoc Reservoir Characterisation modules to your tool kit, brings a range of sophisticated tools; convert existing inversion volumes into meaningful and accurate geological rock properties for prospect evaluation. The RokDoc 3D cross-plot allow users to integrate well, seismic and rock physics data and establish whether inversion results are consistent with forward models from well data. Define polygons to identify different AVO classes and facies in seismic data, or utilise the weighted stack cross-plotter to rotate and manipulate pairs of inversion volumes to reveal hidden lithology and fluid information. 

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Industry Challenges

Requirement to make quantitative predictions with incomplete data
  • Hydrocarbon resources are becoming harder to locate
  • Low commercial discovery rates
  • Mature basins approaching end of life
  • Multiple datasets across multiple assets
  • Lack of cross-discipline integration
Reduce drilling costs & improve efficiencies in a lower for longer era
  • Time wasted and errors made transferring data across multiple software packages
  • Workflows are time consuming and inefficient
  • Analogues under-utilised
  • Too few pre-drill scenarios tested
  • Risk and uncertainty poorly understood
Non-productive time costs industry $10+billion/yr
  • Significant risk and uncertainty with well plan designs
  • Reactive approach to wellbore instability and mudweight window
  • Reduction in staff and knowledge base
  • Environmental and financial fall out from spills



Improve interpretation accuracy for hydrocarbon prospectivity

  • Comprehensive library of rock physics solutions for all play types
  • Rich selection of fit-for-purpose models across core disciplines
  • Best in class algorithms extract unsurpassed detail from seismic
  • Establish and deploy play based interpretation strategies


Efficient & effective cross-discipline workflows and solutions

  • Single easy to use platform
  • Recipe based workflows embedded in easy to use GUIs
  • Automated QC procedures
  • Powerful uncertainty and risk analysis
  • Cross-discipline/data workflows for exploration through to production


Explore, capture & communicate geological & geophysical uncertainty

  • Analyse, QC and calibrate core, log, VSP, seismic and engineering data
  • Integrate multiple data types and capture uncertainties
  • Extract maximum value from data
  • Quickly and easily evaluate ‘what-if’ scenarios to understand influences affecting QI and drilling predictions

RokDoc Modules

3D view of oil probability geobody from 3D pre-stack seismic data
Geological interpretation of drilling events, mudweights and pore pressures
Stereonet showing mudweight and fracture permeability